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The Big Giveaway at IGA Tasmania Winners

Winners have been notified by Email. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners.

Major Prize Winner of the Audi A1: 

Maria W - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)

Maria Ward & Travis Allen

Holiday Package Winners: 

Tina S - Ulverstone IGA Railway - Freycinet Holiday

Vicki B - Latrobe IGA (Hill Street Grocer) - Cradle Mountain Getaway

Elizabeth L - Spreyton IGA - Strahan Village Holiday

Kristen D - Swansea IGA X-press (Corner Store) - Strahan Village Holiday

Peter A - Lindisfarne IGA X-press - Cradle Mountain Getaway

Samantha S - Newnham IGA X-Press - Freycinet Holiday

$500 Gift Card Week 1 Confirmed Winners:

Therese G - St Helens Supa IGA
Jan W - Somerset IGA Everyday
Joan H - Beaconsfield IGA Everyday (Wilke's)
Nickola B - Campbell Town IGA Everyday
Letitia W - Nubeena IGA X-press
Roslyn A - Ulverstone IGA Railway
Trudy W - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Rebekah A - Somerset IGA Everyday
Ruth F - Longford IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Geraldine S - Ulverstone IGA Railway
Sandra C - Bridport IGA Everyday
Elaine M - New Town IGA X-press (Hill Street Grocer)
Vicki B - Blackmans Bay IGA Everyday (Hill Street Grocer)
Nerissa R - St Helens Supa IGA
Dianne H - Blackmans Bay IGA Everyday (Hill Street Grocer)
Christopher C - West Hobart IGA X-press (Hill Street Grocer)
De-Anne L - Orford IGA Everyday
Dale W - Whitemark IGA X-press (Walker's)
Cheryl S - Norwood IGA Everyday (Launceston)
Kate H - Ulverstone IGA Railway
Kathleen T - Montrose IGA X-press (Rosetta)
Marcy G - Richmond IGA X-press
Shane M - Triabunna Spring Bay IGA
Nicklas L - West Hobart IGA X-press (Hill Street Grocer)
Sarah H - Lindisfarne IGA X-press

$500 Gift Card Week 2 Confirmed Winners:

Leanne D - Longford IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Richard W - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Ganelle B - Ouse IGA X-press
Lee W - Brighton IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Gloria B - Lindisfarne IGA X-press
Kylie B - Brighton IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Gregory N - Bicheno IGA Everyday
Jenni B - Smithton IGA Everyday
Jillian E - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Jan F - Bridport IGA Everyday
Kylie E - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Josephine M - Campbell Town IGA Everyday
Michelle B - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Iris M - Bicheno IGA Everyday
Joanne S - Dodges Ferry IGA Everyday (Hill Street Grocer)
Fiona B - Burnie IGA Everyday (Syd's)
Kylie B - Lauderdale IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Karen W - Beaconsfield IGA Everyday (Wilke's)
Jenni P - Perth IGA X-press
Robert A - Shearwater IGA
Allan R - Latrobe IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Melissa S - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Elizabeth M - Norwood IGA Everyday (Launceston)
Michelle R - Cygnet IGA Everyday (Farah's)
Abby H - Queenstown IGA Everyday (Evans)

$500 Gift Card Week 3 Confirmed Winners: 

Richard H - Lindisfarne IGA X-press
Gail C - Beaconsfield IGA Everyday (Wilke's)
Debbie N - Smithton IGA Everyday
Alex S - South Riana IGA X-press
Susan K - George Town IGA Everyday
Karalyn G - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Susan C - Queenstown IGA Everyday (Railway)
Kelly K - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Cherie W - Ulverstone IGA Railway
Maryann I - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Gaye M - Nubeena IGA X-press
Nicholas E - Queenstown IGA Everyday (Railway)
Marilyn J - Exeter IGA X-press (Freeland's)
Marguerite C - Somerset IGA X-press (Rick's)
Tania R - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
sharon B - Triabunna Spring Bay IGA
Judah B - Bicheno IGA Everyday
Mark R - Smithton IGA Everyday
Adrian H - Lauderdale IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Joanne W - Brighton IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Coral S - St Helens Supa IGA
Kerry T - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Terri-anne S - Queenstown IGA Everyday (Railway)
Virginia J - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Chelsea D - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)

$500 Gift Card Week 4 Confirmed Winners: 

Tammy D - Westbury IGA Everyday
Judy B - Spreyton IGA
Kristy S - Nubeena IGA X-press (Seabreeze)
Wendy O - Burnie IGA X-press (West Park Grove)
Vicki E - Perth IGA X-press
Kelly M - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Leanne P - Beaconsfield IGA Everyday (Wilke's)
Cheryldean R - Whitemark IGA X-press (Walker's)
Robyn O - Norwood IGA Everyday (Launceston)
Christina T - Longford IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Robert L - Lindisfarne IGA X-press
Lynette J - Devonport IGA X-press (Valley Road)
Amanda F - Strahan IGA Everyday (Hill Street Grocer)
Valmai T - Strahan IGA Everyday (Hill Street Grocer)
Meredith L - Whitemark IGA X-press (Walker's)
Amanda A - Smithton IGA Everyday
Ashley B - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Derek C - St Marys IGA X-press
Kristina B - Bicheno IGA Everyday
Suzi R - New Town IGA X-press (Hill Street Grocer)
Hayley S - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Kiki S - Queenstown IGA Everyday (Evans)
Lisa W - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Genevieve A - St Marys IGA X-press
Rosemary B - IGA Everyday Penguin

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