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The Big Giveaway at IGA Tasmania Winners

Winners have been notified by Email. Thank you to everyone who has entered and congratulations to the winners.

Major Prize Winner of the Mercedes Benz: Lorrine B - South Riana IGA X-press

The Winner of the Mercedes Benz

Major Prize Runner up Winners:

Rebecca H - Queenstown IGA Everyday (Railway)
Ashley B - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Sheri V - Somerset IGA Everyday
John C - Norwood IGA Everyday (Launceston)
Anne-Marie W - St Helens Supa IGA
Sally S - Lindisfarne IGA X-press

$250 Gift Card Week 1 Confirmed Winners:

Elizabeth-Anne W - Ulverstone IGA Railway
Tracy M - St Marys IGA X-press (Hilly's)
Donna G - Exeter IGA X-press (Freeland's)
Letitia W - Nubeena IGA X-press
Joan D - Zeehan IGA Everyday (Pringles)
Leeanne C - Bicheno IGA Everyday
Catherine C - Snug IGA
Alastair B - Blackmans Bay IGA Everyday (Hill Street Grocer)
Elizabeth L - Spreyton IGA
Sarah H - Lindisfarne IGA X-press
Cathy L - Triabunna Spring Bay IGA
Sally V - Spreyton IGA
Helen R - Ulverstone IGA Railway
Alisha P - Longford IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Sharon W - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)

$250 Gift Card Week 2 Confirmed Winners:

Jarrah A - Dover IGA Everyday (Southgate)
Hayley S - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Helen S - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Kelly T - Queenstown IGA Everyday (Evans)
Kerrie G - Spreyton IGA
Christopher P - Rosebery IGA X-press
Sonia G - Norwood IGA Everyday (Launceston)
Dawn B - Devonport IGA X-press (Valley Road)
Janine C - Longford IGA X-press (Marcus)
Michelle B - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Michelle A - Devonport IGA Everyday (Hill Street Grocer)
Pauline O - Cygnet IGA Everyday (Farah's)
Annette D - Lindisfarne IGA X-press
Danielle T - Triabunna Spring Bay IGA
Michael T - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters) 

$250 Gift Card Week 3 Confirmed Winners:

Glenda L - Norwood IGA Everyday (Launceston)
Cathy P - Norwood IGA Everyday (Launceston)
Sharlene M - Queenstown IGA Everyday (Railway)
Natasha H - Lilydale IGA Everyday (Wragg's)
Andrew S - Bridport IGA Everyday
Elaine M - Lauderdale IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Darryl M - Wynyard IGA Everyday (West End)
Helen C - Whitemark IGA X-press (Walker's)
Beth H - St Helens IGA Everyday (Hilly's)
Andrew A - Queenstown IGA Everyday (Evans)
Joanne B - Campbell Town IGA Everyday
Sharon A - Somerset IGA Everyday
Rowena B - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Kiyana Bakes - Latrobe IGA (Hill Street Grocer)

$250 Gift Card Week 4 Confirmed Winners:

Justin D - Blackmans Bay IGA Everyday (Hill Street Grocer)
Chantel W - Bicheno IGA Everyday
Catherine B - Wynyard IGA Everyday (West End)
Kylie M - Bridport IGA Everyday
Kelly M - Cygnet IGA Everyday (Farah's)
Julie D - St Helens Supa IGA
Peter A - Lindisfarne IGA X-press
Julie J - Exeter IGA X-press (Freeland's)
Ange S - West Hobart IGA X-press (Hill Street Grocer)
Helen W - Lindisfarne IGA X-press
Luke C - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Janice S - St Helens Supa IGA
Madonna L - Triabunna Spring Bay IGA
Alison D - Zeehan IGA Everyday (Pringles)
Gaue M - Nubeena IGA X-press
Valerie P - Whitemark IGA X-press (Walker's)
Samantha H - St Helens Supa IGA
Corinna T - Bicheno IGA Everyday

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