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Tasmanian Independent Retailers (TIR), on behalf of the Tasmanian IGA retailer network receives many requests every day for donations and support from a wide variety of organisations and individuals.

Tasmanian support is funded by the Tasmanian IGA retailer network and we assess each request is carefully assessed to determine if it meets TIR’s and IGA's sponsorship, marketing and community objectives. (read the Sponsorship and Charitable Donations Policy)

The selection of beneficiaries of sponsorship and donations is based upon events and organizations being representative of the wider Tasmanian community. Localised community activities are generally referred to individual local store owners in those localities for their consideration. Refer to the Store Locator.

We are unable to proceed with requests for support that do not fit within these objectives. In addition, budgetary constraints limit the number of opportunities that we can undertake.

All sponsorship applications are evaluated according to the criteria set out in our policy. Each request is assessed as quickly as possible, usually monthly, and a response will be sent to you once your proposal has been evaluated.

Please read the Sponsorship and Charitable Donations Policy to review your suitability then complete Sponsorship/Donation Application form and post or email to Tasmanian Independent Retailers, along with any supporting material.

Only those submissions that are accompanied with the Sponsorship/Donation Application form will be considered.

Sponsorship and Charitable Donations Policy

Download Community Support Application Form


Details of the Sponsorship/Event

  • business/event details (name/address/phone/email)
  • business/charity ABN
  • charity registration status (if applicable) 
  • contact person (address/phone/fax/email) and relationship to event/business (i.e. agency/contractor/event manager)
  • describe the type of business/event (i.e. is the event a one-off)
  • include a program or calendar of events (if applicable)
  • what are the planned outcomes and how will you know if they are achieved

Sponsorship / Donation Details

  • Executive summary (summary of your proposal)
  • Proposed date and location of the event/activity (if applicable) 
  • The requested sponsorship amount and the period over which the sponsorship will be conducted
  • Do you have other sponsors? If so, who?
  • Record the expected number of visitors (if applicable) 
  • Any other relevant information


  • please provide a full list of media benefits (i.e. print, radio, television, internet coverage)


  • please provide a full list of hospitality benefits (i.e. tickets to events/functions)


  • please list a minimum of two ways in which IGA Tasmania can leverage this sponsorship opportunity


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