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IGA Tasmania Price Match Promise – Terms & Conditions

What is Price Match?

Price Match means that we have reduced prices on hundreds of favourite products to match Woolworths and Coles, Australia’s major national supermarket chains.

With Price Match, there is no need to collect coupons or go online to register as we have already matched the price. The price you see on the ticket is what you pay.

This page tells you how Price Match works and how we match our prices.

How does Price Match work?

We choose our range of Price Match products based on the favourite grocery products our shoppers regularly purchase. 

We then check the Coles and Woolworths “everyday shelf price” for each product in the Price Match product range. We exclude Coles and Woolworth’s products which are on “promotion” or “special” (including weekly or temporary special offers and multi-buys) and excludes prices for products that are damaged or “reduced to clear”.

To get a price for Price Match products, we match against the lower of the Coles or Woolworths price at one of their selected outlets in Tasmania.

The Price Match price comes into effect in store each Wednesday, reflecting either the Coles or Woolworth’s everyday shelf price from the previous week.

Price Match is applied to identical comparison products (including identical pack size, colour, flavour and variety), where such an identical comparison product exists.

In some cases, an otherwise identical comparison product may be of a different size. In this case, we have matched the Price Match price to the comparison product on a pro rata basis.

Sometimes an identical comparison product is not available (for example, Black & Gold products are not sold in Woolworths or Coles stores). Where this is the case, we match to the closest available comparable product.

The list of Price Match products may change from time to time. Price Match excludes fresh products (that is, for example, fruit, vegetables, delicatessen, bakery, meat and seafood) and tobacco products.

Price Match products may separately go on promotion within Supa IGA, IGA Everyday or IGA X-press outlets. Where this happens and the promotion price is lower than the Price Match price, the promotion price will override that Price Match price so you still get the best deal.

If Woolworths or Coles discontinue a product, the Price Match price will be matched to the price charged by the chain which does still continue to offer that product. If both Woolworths and Coles discontinue a product, the Price Match price will continue to be their last, lower price until the product is removed from the Price Match range.

In the event that, for any reason, we are prevented from updating prices on Price Match products, we will continue to use the previous prices until further updating can be resumed or the item is removed from the Price Match range.

Price Match is only available in participating Supa IGA, IGA Everyday and IGA X-press stores in Tasmania.

As all IGA stores are proudly independently owned, the range of products offered in store may differ. Price Match products or varieties may not be available across all participating stores. All products are subject to availability.

We reserve the right to withdraw the Price Match offer, or to vary the terms and conditions, at any time without notice.

For further information about Price Match, please contact us using our online support tool.

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