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Introducing New IGA Gift Cards Program

Did you know that over 60% of cards are redeemed at the store they are sold in, and card recipients are more likely to spend more than the card value when they return (i.e. customer has a $50 card but may spend $70).

We are pleased to announce a new Gift Card program for IGA, along with other Metcash brands. Under the new program, we will be offering an IGA and an IGA Food Only Card:

The new program provides a platform for us to compete with other corporate brands in the market. It is critical that all stores accept gift cards to ensure customers can redeem at any branded site. We ask for your support in this regard.

So what can you expect from the new program?

  • Removal of current retailer charges (i.e. 70c per transaction subsided by TIR)
  • No POS or other in store changes – gift card will operate through EFTPOS terminals
  • Central contact point for all retailer and consumer queries
  • We will soon be able to offer a card redeemable across all Metcash brands

The Gift Card program continues to work through your EFTPOS network and your terminals will need to be activated for the new program to work. Your Area Manager will assist you with this when they deliver the Welcome Packs to your store. 

Your Area Manager will deliver a Welcome Pack to your store over the coming weeks – these packs include:

  • An activation card for your EFTPOS terminal
  • 50 x gift cards + counter display unit
  • A quick reference guide for selling and redeeming gift cards

What can you do to promote the new Gift Cards?

  • Order more counter display units for each of your registers
  • Place Gift cards around your store using clip strips or other hooks
  • Train your staff on the benefits of gift cards so they can inform your customers
  • Offer gift cards to local businesses and charities - if you have local businesses wanting to buy more than 10 gift cards, we can help with production of these cards (saving your staff hand writing on each card!) Contact the Gift Cards team for assistance.

How can you order more cards?

To order more cards, please contact TIR Administration or your Area Manager.

If you have any questions or require more information, please contact your Aream Manager or call TIR.

Ph: 03 6391 0200