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Supermarket Maintenance

Some maintenance points to think about, remember prevention is better then cure.

1/ Investigate a maintenance book and appoint one person to manager your store maintenance. That person should be a senior staff member, and will be in control of all your maintenance needs

2/ Maintain a complete list of maintenance contractors available to you at all times IE Plumbers, electrician, and refrigeration engineer. Etc etc. Keep up to date after hours phone numbers.

3/ Arranger for all maintenance contractors to report to your appointed person before and after each job and make comments in the maintenance book. IE dates, who attended and signature.

4/ Keep your roof area and box gutters clear of obstacles with regular inspections. Pay special attention to areas over electrical switchboards.

5/ Make sure only senior trained staff have access to the switchboard and the legend in accurate and up to date.

6/ Ensure all your emergency service items are inspected regularly by competent trades people IE emergency exit lights, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, hydrants and hose reels, fire exit doors should be opened when fire checks are taking place (check alarms are working) automatic fire alarms and sprinkler systems need to be inspected yearly and certificate of operation issued. Smoke detectors if applicable.

7/ Make sure the receiving dock roller shutters is in good working order.

8/ Ensure any combustible rubbish is kept clear of your store at all times with a regular disposal service.

9/ Try to keep the general office area uncluttered and organized. Train your staff to “put things back where they find them”

10/ Storing unused equipment and stock on top of cool rooms can be an expensive excercise. The roof of a cool room is sealed and if the seal is broken by persons walking on it or storing heavy items on it costly break down may occur.
If the top of cool rooms is the only place that is available for storage then install a safe trafficable area with the correct stair access.

11/ Introduce a “tidy clean store” police with all your staff, keep the stock room clean and tidy with regular broom sweeps. Keep the staff room in an acceptable condition for your staff.

12/ In a majority of situations there will be plant on the roof of the store. If access is through a “hatch” make sure it is accessible.

13, All store keys should be kept in a safe place and clearly labeled.

14/ Store first aid kits must be kept in fully stocked at all times.

15/ If you have a grease trap it should be pumped out at regular intervals , if left unchecked it will eventually block up your drainage system which could lead to an expensive fix.

16/ A pest control program should be installed in all supermarket

17/ Store lighting should be regularly maintained to ensure effective lighting levels, normal selling area accepted lighting is 600 lux 1 meter from the floor. Stores should be completely retubed every two years.(starters should be replaced on retubing)

18/ Engage a competent cleaner capable of maintaining your floor in a highly polished condition. Remember a highly polished floor, good lighting & stock on show is the starting point to further your business.


1/ There are some equipment items in your store that if they break down can prevent a stock delivery or stop the store from trading.

2/ Make sure your pallet jacks, forklifts, dock lifters and dock levelers etc are kept in good working order.

3/ regular service on the stockroom access door is recommended.(roller shutter)

4/ If you have a stand by generator it must be regularly serviced and run to ensure it will work when needed.

6/ It is good practice to give your stock trolleys and any other trolleys a service at least once a year

7/ Nothing irritated your customers more then having to use damaged or dirty customer trolleys and baskets, make sure you keep your customers happy.

8/ Different department equipment must be kept in a safe working condition and regular maintenance will keep you in front of any pending work safety issues. All staff must be instructed on the safe use of all equipment (induction)

9/ Many larger stores have power factor correction installed to save of electricity use. It should be checked from time to time by a qualified inspector to ensure it is working as designed.

10/ Train your staff to clean up any spillage, wet or dry, immediately in the selling area and other areas.

An effective maintenance program for your store and equipment will in the long run keep your business going ahead.