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Westhaven Omega 3 Yoghurt

Tassie Cows in World First

Westhaven Omega 3 Yoghurt

In a world first NE Tasmanian dairy herds are munching their way through Omega3 enriched feed and giving a nutrition boost to one of our favourite foods.

Tasmania’s Westhaven Specialty Dairy have launched the world’s first naturally produced Omega-3 yoghurt.

Omega3s are the good guys of nutrition. They are found in flaxseeds, walnuts, soybeans, spinach, fish and shellfish.

The health benefits of Omega3s are well documented and Westhaven director Jonty Barnett said he expected the nutrition boost would make the super-premium Westhaven range even more competitive.

Westhaven has developed the product with Ringarooma dairy farmer Geoff Cox, whose feed supplement company Naturale has taken a CSIRO developed process and significantly improved this to enable Omega-3 fatty acids to remain intact during dairy digestion.

`Tasmania’s dairy cows breath the world’s cleanest air and graze in the cleanest pasture and now we have found a way to bring the health benefits of Omega3 to our yoghurt through their feed,’’ Mr Barnett said.

The Heart Foundation recommends all Australians should aim for 2 to 3 serves of omega3 rich foods each day to promote heart, cognitive and eye health as well as brain development in children.

During the past decade, producers of milk, eggs and bread have all identified the advantages of nutrionally boosting at least part of their range with an Omega3 option.

This is not the first time the award winning Launceston based Westhaven has been an industry innovator.

What started in 1967 with two goats and on-farm production of milk, cottage cheese and yoghurt has expanded to include cow’s milk products and a turnover exceeding $1.5m.

`The next three years are crucial in the business development of Westhaven – we are positioning ourselves as a significant player in the dairy manufacturing industry in Tasmania,’’ Mr Barnett said.

As well as product innovation, Westhaven is investing in staff training, equipment and research.

Westhaven Omega 3 Yoghurt is available at most IGA stores.

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