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Longford Supa IGA wins waste management award

Browns Supa IGA Longford have won an award for their STAR (Stop Think And Recycle) project at the recent third annual Rethink Waste Tasmania ‘Waste NoT’ awards.

Browns Supa IGA Longford

The initiative donates close to out of date, best before and damaged goods to a local good samaritan who sorts through the product and delivers it to families in need.

We asked Amy Reiner, Director at Browns Supa IGA Longford a little about the award.

Can you tell us what was the process involved in winning the award?

We had to go online and work through a series of questions regarding: what was the project name? what was the project/program about in no more than 150 words. We then had the option to supply supporting documents.

What does it mean to you for your store to actively contribute to the local Longford community?

Supporting the local community is very important to us for many reasons. A lot of us live in the area or have family and friends that do, so it is our community, we live here too, we also benefit.

The feeling of knowing you are helping in any way regardless, whether it is helping with product or simply just giving our time helping students at school with our work ready program.

It is rewarding for our team to be given the opportunity to be involved in these programs and also helps with their personal growth within the business.

What other sustainable initiatives are the store involved with?

In our fruit and veg department we have no waste going into bins. Any imperfect product that can’t be sold is given to our chef in the kitchen to use. Anything that cannot be used there goes into a crate outside in which the locals come and take for their animals.

We recycle all cardboard and plastic and have bins setup in all departments so as all team are aware. 

"Any imperfect product that can’t be sold is given to our chef in the kitchen to use."