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New Products - October

Highlighting some of the exciting new lines that you can find at your local IGA Tasmanian Supermarket.

 Mentos Share Bag Fruit Mix 105gm 

This new pack is very versatile, whether it be poured into a bowl and shared with friends at a party or to get you through that long car or plane trip. Try this new Fruity Mix Flavour today!

Mentos Fruit Mix

Available at most stores

The Red Bull Summer Edition 

Same benefit - Different taste. The Red Bull Summer Edition is a functional beverage that combines the boost of a Red Bull Energy Drink with the taste of tropical fruits. If you crave the taste of tropical fruits, the Red Bull Summer Edition is for you. Available in 250ml Cans as a single or 4pk.

Red Bull Summer Edition

Available at most stores

Rachels Gourmet Greek Yoghurt Boysenberry & Vanilla 2Pk 

Lovingly crafted from the finest ingredients, Rachel’s Gourmet Greek Yoghurt combines deliciously thick, creamy Greek yoghurt with lashings of real fruit. With a bountiful combination of ripe boysenberries and distinctive vanilla, it’s delightfully delicious Greek yoghurt for lovers of good food.

Rachels Gourmet Greek Yoghurt

Available at selected stores

Pauls Athentikos Greek Yoghurt 

Pauls has delighted Australians with dairy products for over 70 years and now brings Pauls Athentikos Greek Yoghurts to the family table. Inspired by the traditional way the Greeks have made yoghurt for centuries, Pauls Athentikos Greek Yoghurt uses the special ‘SoGreek’ culture which was discovered on the island of Crete in Greece. This thick and creamy yoghurt is made with the goodness of full cream milk and tastes so delicious the whole family will be left wanting more. Pauls...Extraordinary Dairy

Varieties available include Mixed Berry 1kg, Sweet & Creamy Vanilla 1kg, Juicy Mango 140gm x 6Pk & Passionfruit 140gm x 6Pk.

 Pauls Athentikos Greek Yoghurt

 Available at selected stores