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IGA Tasmania's Big Giveaway Winners

Winners in our BIG Giveaway are being drawn! Check back to see who has won prizes each week! Congratulations to the winners so far.


Congratulations to:

$250 Gift Card Week 1 Confirmed Winners:

Sharlene M - Queenstown IGA Everyday (Evans)
Karen B - Brighton IGA
Jodi R - Ulverstone IGA Railway
Jan S - Triabunna Spring Bay IGA
Danny C - St Marys IGA X-press
Robert G - Baxter's IGA Prospect
Lisa O - Bicheno IGA Everyday
Tania R - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Robin P - Nubeena IGA X-press

10kg Cadbury Block Chocolate Week 1 Confirmed Winners:

Anne-Marie W - Bay of Fires IGA
Leanne C - Ulverstone IGA Railway

$250 Gift Card Week 2 Confirmed Winners:

Belinda M - Bay of Fires IGA
Carolyne G - St Marys IGA X-press
Melanie J - Beaconsfield IGA X-press (BLH)
Galeesha K - West Ulverstone IGA X-press
Andrew S - Bridport IGA Everyday
Rachael M - Brighton IGA
Lisa C - Beaconsfield IGA Everyday (Wilke's)
Kim K - Norwood IGA Everyday (Launceston)
Maryann I - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Robyn M - Hillys IGA St Marys

10kg Cadbury Block Chocolate Week 2 Confirmed Winners:

Maria W - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Rob S - Baxter's IGA Prospect

$250 Gift Card Week 3 Confirmed Winners:

Jo W - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Timothy B - Bay of Fires IGA
Monika I - Lauderdale IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Ashley B - Baxter's IGA Prospect
Helene Parker - Lauderdale IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Marita L - Westbury IGA
Susan W - Devonport IGA X-press (Valley Road)
Pat C - Bridport IGA Everyday

10kg Cadbury Block Chocolate Week 3 Confirmed Winners:

Janice S - Bay of Fires IGA

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