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IGA Tasmania's Big Giveaway Winners

All winners have been notified. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners.

Entry to the competition is now closed. All winners will have been drawn and are announced below.

Congratulations to:

Major Prize Winner of the Mercedes Benz A180 - Terri F - Lindisfarne IGA X-Press

Terri F - Lindisfarne IGA X-Press

Sherilyn V - Somerset IGA Everyday - Freycinet Lodge Holiday
Felicity N - Norwood IGA Everyday - Strahan Village Holiday
Cathy P - Norwood IGA Everyday - Freycinet Lodge Holiday
Lauren P - Bay of Fires IGA (St Helens) - Strahan Village Holiday
Audrey W - St Marys IGA X-Press - Cradle Mountain Holiday
Kelly B - Whitemark IGA X-Press (Walker's) - Cradle Mountain Holiday


$250 Gift Card Week 1 Confirmed Winners:

Douglas A - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Mary Joy H - Baxter's IGA Prospect
Renee B - Queenstown IGA Everyday (Railway)
Rhonda B - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Selma G - St Helens IGA Everyday (Hilly's)
Vicki M - Brighton IGA
Justin B - West Hobart IGA X-Press (Hill Street Grocer)
Kym W - Youngtown IGA Everyday
Adam D - Queenstown IGA Everyday (Railway)
Julia H - Lauderdale IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Michelle W - St Helens IGA Everyday (Hilly's)
Jason C - IGA Everyday Norwood
Peta G - IGA Campbell Town
John B - IGA Brighton

$250 Gift Card Week 2 Confirmed Winners:

Jemma R - West Hobart IGA X-press (Hill Street Grocer)
Dianne S - Shearwater IGA
Colleen A - Wivenhoe IGA X-press
Michele R - St Helens Supa IGA
Mary P - Scottsdale IGA X-press
Shaun B - Triabunna Spring Bay IGA
Jordan R - St Marys IGA X-press (Hilly's)
Donna D - St Helens Supa IGA (Bay of Fires)
Sam R - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Philip D - Lauderdale IGA (Hill Street Grocer)
Lyn N - St Helens Supa IGA (Bay of Fires)
Tara B - Bicheno IGA Everyday
Maree H - Geeveston IGA X-press
Michelle C - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)

$250 Gift Card Week 3 Confirmed Winners:

Abbie T - Norwood IGA Everyday (Launceston)
Karlee P - St Helens Supa IGA
Traci L - Invermay Road IGA X-press
Vanessa S - Devonport IGA Everyday (Hill Street Grocer)
Debbie F - Spreyton IGA
Kevin O - St Helens Supa IGA
Ann M - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Richard H - Devonport IGA Everyday (Hill Street Grocer)
Vivki G - Spreyton IGA
Andrew S - Bridport IGA Everyday
Sally V - Spreyton IGA
Pat C - Bridport IGA Everyday
Ann M - St Helens Supa IGA
Rebecca S - Strahan IGA Everyday

$250 Gift Card Week 4 Confirmed Winners:

Anne-Marie W - St Helens IGA Everyday (Hilly's)
Dean A - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Vicki B - Norwood IGA Everyday (Launceston)
Amanda C - New Town IGA X-press (Hill Street Grocer)
Carol A - Wynyard IGA Everyday (West End)
Robert G - Prospect Supa IGA (Baxters)
Tammy D - Westbury IGA Everyday
Lynette P - Smithton IGA Everyday
Dale B - Ravenswood IGA Everyday
Shannon S - Oatlands IGA Everyday (Roxy)
Bob M - Snug IGA
Cheryl F - Exeter IGA X-press (Freeland's)
Cindy H - Bridport IGA Everyday
Christopher P - Rosebery IGA X-press


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