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2017 TIR Conference Review

All too often we find we get so caught up in our day to day routines of family and business that we are too busy, to take the opportunity to “step outside the business” and reassess our goals and the reasons for doing what we do. The 2017 TIR Conference provided a fresh opportunity over two days for more than 150 delegates to examine current and emerging challenges and to explore new possibilities to develop.

Beginning with his opening remarks on Thursday, conference host Michael Pope, kept us entertained, motivated and enthused as we navigated ten diverse topics from ten equally diverse presenters.

One of Australia’s leading business growth experts, Jason Cunningham, closed the conference, summing up the sentiments expressed by many of the speakers including; what defines your business, build your business that others would want to buy and the importance of your customers and your team. These points were also characterised by Ritchies CEO, Fred Harrison when he talked about the lessons learnt at Dromana where they focused on their points of difference with a passionate team helping to secure a growing success.

It’s not all good news though with escalating energy costs, the continuing dominance of Coles and Woolworths and the potential for Aldi and Amazon to have a negative impact on Tasmanian independents. However, these challenges present new opportunities to focus on IGA channel clarity, explore shopper engagement with Project Nectar and continue to improve customer perception with a strong in-store offer and competitive Price Match in line with customer expectations.

Congratulations to all stores nominated for the 2017 IGA Awards of Excellence, particularly the stores that ultimately secured victory in the department and store of the year awards categories. Special acknowledgement goes to those store owners and staff awarded individual honours in the categories of Community, Service and the Sam Richardson Perpetual Award.

The response and support from both retailers and suppliers to the renewed conference format has been spectacular with a high attendance for both days of the conference and the awards dinner. Unfortunately, numbers fell away for the tours of IFP and SIW which is understandable considering the intensity of the presentations on both days. Planning is now underway for 2018 which will proceed with a similar format due to the success of 2017 and dates will be published as soon as possible.

At a glance

  • 38 Retailers
  • 29 Suppliers
  • 155 Conference delegates
  • 269 Awards of Excellence guests
  • 10 presenters
  • Winner of the WIN Connect Hamilton Island prize - IGA Everyday Evan's Queenstown

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